3 major mistakes that developers do

This article is going to be very helpful for WordPress developers who strive to develop or customize a theme or plugin.

So let’s jump into without wasting time.

1 – Read the documentation

This is the base for anything your are learning as newbie. A common mistake that WordPress developers do is that they don’t read the documentation thoroughly. So what happens, they waste their time to add a features that is probably restricted by theme developers through coding. OR try to add a features that is already available in theme settings. So this mistake is top in my list

2 – Rule out conflicts

I found this method to most effective in dealing errors and bug. Rather then messing up with error and considering that the issue is certainly caused by your plugin or theme or custom code you should check if you have a conflicting plugin. Weather you have installed a plugin before or after your customization.
Conflicts can be in JS or PHP file. So you should check console for js errors and rule out conflicts by de-activation the plugins one-by-one. This will save time and most probably you will find your error.

Last month I had a problem with Woo-Commerce. Here is the issue.

Emails was not working at all. I messed for 2 hours to check if all emails are not going (new order, cancel order, completed order), and then finally an idea hit my mind and I thought I should check the contact form 7 and it was working find. Now I realized that I should check this first. 
So finally I found that it's and issue of mail function that Woo-Commerce use. Some time emails sent through mail function of PHP is considered to be spam and hence blocked by SMTP. So I used an SMTP plugin and issue resolved.

So by this Hit And Trial you will be able to find your issue in short time.

3 – Spelling mistake

While writing code to add a feature, errors and bugs occurs very often. If it is syntax error then system will show the line and file and this will be easier for you to catch that error, but if it’s a bug than your code work file but you will not get required results. So, be careful if this situation happens, check for spellings of variables and functions.

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