E-Commerce business with wordpress – 2020

Amazon earned $280B in 2019. This is the power of digital market. Digital market is much larger then physical market and easy to approach.

In this era I believe it’s must have for a business to grow.

In this article I am going to give you a quick but compact round that how you can start your e-commerce business with wordpress. Adn what are the essintials that one should have in e-commere site.

So let jump into it 🙂

1- Ajax product search

Product search gives visitors the ease to search for any product, rather then running around the site to find his required product. There are tons of plugins to add beautiful product search. I have added one of like these, here is an example See demo. You can also find a video tour created by me, about this feature.

2- Categories mega menu

Again according to UIUX, don’t let your visitors confused about the thing that they want. Make it easy for them to find their required thing with any distraction. So a vertical category mega menu is a good component in an e-commerce website. See demo. This features is also covered in video tour.

3- Ads Slider

Slider, again, have an impact on visitors where they can find about popular things going on at your business site, Like, you can show a sale flash or products, an add of third party agency, an event announcement. If your site has good traffic then you can charge to third parties to show their ads. See demo.

4- Sales Notifications ( Boost sale)

Sales notifications encourage visitors to buy products, as it builds trust that peoples are buying your products. See demo.

5- Up-sell, Cross-sell ( Boost sale)

Cross-Sell means selling/offering related products to the customer. Suppose if a customer buys a smartphone, then you can offer a Bluetooth handsfree which is a phone accessory. You can offer it before complete purchase on Single Product page like this demo. Or after complete purchase one Thank you page.

On the other hand, Up-Sell is selling a comparable product. Like, if customer purchase a smartphone and you offer a better phone at a better price.

6- All possible payment

It depends upon your region. What payment methods are available in your country. Mostly it is paypal or stripe. Also, add cash on delivery method. Always give the customer multiple options to make the purchasing easy for him.

7- Mail Chimp (Email Marketing)

See video.

So, finally, you have built an e-commerce site, now its time to market it. This is also essential for it. I have included a mail chimp plugin recommended by woo-commerce to market your store. It has strong integration with woo-commerce that enables you to target your buyers. See the above video on how it works.

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