Rules to select a good WordPress plugin – 2020

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In this post, I am going to talks about my experience about selecting a good WordPress (free of purchased) plugin.

So Jumping on point with out wasting any time here are the rules.

1- Read articles and watch youtube reviews

Experience of someones saves your time. The first suggestion is that always google about your need. Like in this case “Best E-Commerce WordPress Plugin” or, “Top E-Commerce WordPress Plugins”. And read about the article and watch youtube view reviews.

2- Always search in WordPress Plugin repository

I used to search for WordPress plugins on google. But this method is wrong. Google is a general search engine. For WordPress plugin search, only the WordPress plugin repository is the best option. This will give you a lot of options.

3- Number of 5 stars reviews

Why I place this rule on top, because it simply means, peoples who download and using a plugin, are not having any issue (bug or error), Right. Isn’t this logical to you. If they are having any issue the will give a low rating which shows a bad plugin function.

4- Number of resolved issues

Even if the plugin has a good rating they may have many issues that users will post on the support tab of that plugin. So you need to check that If the number if issues reloved are enough closer to a total number of issues then you can select this plugin.

Moreover to check is that if the plugin Author is responding to quires. This means the plugin developers are active. BUT still, you must consider the first rule. It must have a good number of 5 stars.

5- Number of active installs

A new plugin may have a small number of active installs. According to me, I have used some plugins that have a low number of Active installs but they have a good 5 stars rating and they were good plugin. I mean they did not cause any issue. This means they can be trusted.

6- If plugins is updated

Update are essentials with respect to 3 concerns.

  • Security updates
  • Features updates
  • conflict or error updates

By updating you protect your website from these three vulnerabilities. So its necessary to gate your plugin update

7- Tested upto WordPress’s latest version

Compatibility is also one of the most important points in this regard. Must consider that if the plugin is tested with the latest version of WordPress.

8- Documentation

Last but not least a good plugin must be well documented. Documentations should be updated regularly. Poor Documentation leads of user frustration and hence and bad review.

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